geez i guess i'll write an entry on summer 05.

it was pretty much my fav. summer.
but for some reason i liked last years better? its weird.
well, this year i got closer to some of my best friends
as in. taylor, neeti, kathy, brigid, megan, kelly, ryan, everyone.
dutch = hearts.
i reeeheheheheeeeeealy liked going this year.
def. going next year. that is how me & kathy are gonna stay in touch.
i met chris this year. wooooh total hottay.
didnt go to the beach =(
went to lake george :D hooooraah.
fun fun
went to the pool a bunch of times.
peoples houses = love
movies under the stars = loveaswell.
sooo many insidurrz.
♥ ♥ ♥
summer 05 was pretty much the best.
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So today was a pretty productive day besides the fact that my WHOLE ENTRY JUST GOT ERASED. grr.
picked up neeti.
went to the mall.
met up with kathy cause shes a bitch faced whore who forgot we were going today. hahajk.
then kathy bought our tickets.
then we went to see RED EYE. best fucking movie ever.
then we got out and we saw danny! we should have seen the movie with him but w/e.
went into h&m and tried on a mondo amount of shirts. pretty cool. i bought 2 myself.
and we bought these really cute bracelets. me neeti& kathy have one. so its like a bfflzzzzzzz thing.
then neeti left :(
me & kathy went to buy some hermit crabs for my sister.
i spent $40 dollars on 2 of them. my mommy has to pay me back.
then i went to hallmark and bought a beanie baby from me to her.
neeti called and we met up with her in macys.
i had a blotch on my face and it was annoying me so i kept touching it and the lady behind the counter was like oh do you want me to cover it up for you?
i was like sure :D
so yeah she put cover up on me and stuff like that.
then neeti left again :( lol
then i called my mom and she said she was gonna pick us up by ikea
so we started walking there and we saw oscar.
we talked to him for about 5 minutes.
he said he was in all honors .. ? lol
he smelt really good but sometimes toooooooo much cologne can be a bad thing.
then mother picked us up, dropped kathy off and now im here.
hungry as hellllllll.
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Everyone, I have a new screen name. It is omgz LMAO xo
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PERIOD 1 -- Living Enviornment aka Biology: Alexander, Rm. 112

PERIOD 2 -- Living Enviornment Lab aka Biology Lab: Alexander, Rm. 112

PERIOD 3 -- Keyboard/Prsuz <- ??: Marlborough, Rm. 302

PERIOD 4 -- Lunch/Lunch : Caf.

PERIOD 5 -- Spanish Native Language: McPhillips, Rm. 317

PERIOD 6 -- English Honors: Higgins, Rm. 330

PERIOD 7 -- Global History aka SS: Mosz, Rm. 123

PERIOD 8 -- Phys. Ed. aka Gym: Schweizer, Rm. 160

PERIOD 9 -- Math II Honors: Hollander, Rm. 234

Please notify me if we have any classes together, even if I already know. Kthx ♥
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